Continuous Monitoring Systems


Rotating equipment does not fail suddenly, defects develop slowly and over time become critical and machine will break down. The early signs of failure on equipment are changes in temperature, vibration and increasing noise.

To avoid these early defects developing into critical failures, we must monitor and analyse the condition of your machinery.

Installing a monitoring system which can quickly identify early signs of equipment failure. However, to get the best results, the right type of monitoring must be installed on the right equipment.

Vibtek identify the equipment that needs to be monitored, selects the correct monitoring system, select the optimal sensor placement, sets up measurements databases for storing measurements, select appropriate alarm parameters.

Installation of the selected monitoring systems gives the foundation for monitoring and maintenance recommendations to predict and prevent critical machine failures.

The benefits of selecting the correct monitoring system and techniques for the critical equipment in your plant, will lead to Machines running in good condition will not be touched.

Machines with developing problems and defects will have higher maintenance focus and should be overhauled before a breakdown.  This will result in a higher reliability of your machines which gives you higher availability (uptime), and on top of that in most cases also reduce your maintenance cost.



Vibtek has the knowledge, experience and equipment to troubleshoot and root cause problems on your assets, to get your equipment up and running and solve immediate problems.

Criticality studies of your plant can map the extent and consequences of the machines downtime. If downtime is a recurring problem at your plant, we can carry out a root cause analysis to identify and eliminate the underlying causes of the downtime.

We often find that a small number, but recurring defects can account for much of the unwanted failures and downtime of your machinery. To find the root of these faults and failures, we must uncover the underlying, hidden connections that lead to the downtime.

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a systematic approach for detecting the source of recurring errors and failures, by implementing measures to handle and eliminate them.

A root cause analysis or criticality study quickly pays off for the client, as recurring errors and unnecessary downtime is eliminated by correcting the underlying causes of the errors and failures.


The Vib_Cloud is Vibteks own tool that gives you a full overview of your machinery. In the Vib_Cloud, all of the condition monitoring reports for your equipment are available at any time. The Vib_Cloud is the key part to a successful condition-monitoring programme, with an easy to understand customer interface.

When using the Vib_Cloud, if your asset shows early signs of equipment failure identified by the installed monitoring systems, Vibtek can send you defect report messages via e-mail. Based on the analysis of the error message, we can provide maintenance recommendations and preventive measures, such as lubrication, bearing changes, alignment corrections etc, to avoid equipment failure and unnecessary downtime.

Early defect identification gives you the time to schedule the necessary maintenance and order spare parts.

Condition Monitoring also lets you avoid unnecessary periodic maintenance, the truth is, machines fail randomly for many different reasons. Studies shows that only 11% of machines fail due to age and 89% fail randomly, with infant mortality as the biggest source due to poor installation. How can you plan or schedule for random problems and why fix it if it isn’t broken?

All in all, monitoring and maintenance recommendations for your equipment reduce unnecessary downtime, increase asset up time and provides time for maintenance engineers to target defect machines instead of using time and resources on healthy machines.

Vibtek’s diagnostic centre has certified vibration experts up to level 3 in accordance with ISO 18436-2 and extensive experience with most machine types.

The Vibtek team is equipped to handle most challenges. We have a short response time and can be anywhere in the world within 24 hours.