Lubrication Programs


A "World Class" preventive maintenance program ensures assets are maintained to their optimal operating condition, it keeps equipment running and helps insure that the equipment's maximum life expectancy is achieved. It also helps maintenance teams anticipate failure thereby allowing time to plan and budget for replacements, it also enables the equipment to be repaired and maintained at a time suitable to the business and not within a reactive scenario.

Vibtek engineers are able to develop and deliver predictive lubrication schedules that will improve asset up time and production outputs.

Most companies that Vibtek have visited tend not to robustly lubricate their plant and equipment, this simple but extremely effective measure has proven to reduce asset down time while improving the life span of the asset.

Lubrication Benefits:

  • Proven to be cost effective in capital intensive equipment and processes
  • Provides flexibility for adjusting planned maintenance frequencies
  • Increases asset and component life cycle
  • Reduces equipment and/or process failures

Vibtek are able to offer on site lubrication support and are also able to design and install bespoke automatic lubrication systems for your processes such as Multi line systems, progressive, circulating and minimum quantity delivery systems.