Reliability Engineering Consultancy

Along with offering a complete suite of predictive maintenance and reliability improvement tools Vibtek are also able to offer a full maintenance consultancy support offering to businesses. Our multi-skilled team of consultants offer a wide breadth of experience within maintenance and asset reliability improvement environments. They have many years experience working at senior management levels within large corporate environments where they have developed specific skill sets that enable them to work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to help them clarify and achieve their aims.

Reliable equipment needs to perform the functions for which it was designed to the required standards of performance whenever it is required. When a piece of equipment is optimally maintained through a predictive and continuous improvement process there is an increase in cost-effectiveness, machine up time, this in turn leads to a greater understanding of the level of risk that your organisation is managing.

Our team of consultants are able to support your business in delivering asset and process improvement programs, project management and cultural change, they are subject matter experts in the following fields:

Development of Asset life Extension Plans

Plant and Asset Criticality Studies

Life Cycle Costing (Review and Analysis)

Reliability Centred Maintenance Programs

Autonomous Maintenance Programs

Failure Mode Effect Analysis

Site benchmark Maintenance Reviews

Critical Spares Review

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Maintenance Change Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

Asset Management Strategies

Early Life asset Management

Life Cycle Reviews

Project Management

Shut down and Turnaround Programs