wind turbine monitoring system - Kite
wind turbine monitoring systems

Wind turbine monitoring system

ONEPROD KITE is intended for continuous vibration monitoring of wind turbines. By detecting faults at an early stage, production uptime can be increased thanks to scheduled and targeted maintenance. Embedding ONEPROD’s 30+ years of experience in condition monitoring, KITE offers unrivalled diagnosis capabilities on the low-speed rotating components. Its extensive processing power makes it possible to monitor wind turbines with high accuracy, despite their variable operating conditions.

Key Points


  • dustproof and waterproof IP51 : no cabinet needed
  • size: 371 x 175 x 133 mm (14.6 x 6.89 x 5.23 in)
  • easy DIN Rail mounting
wind turbine monitoring device


Easy installation

Compact, waterproof and dustproof to grade IP51, ONEPROD KITE can be installed in the nacelle without any enclosure. KITE can be easily mounted on a DIN-rail. Visual assistance is marked on the product to provide quick and reliable cabling.

wind turbine monitoring - Kite
Wind industry monitoring system

Designed for the wind industry

Compliant with the latest ECM requirements, KITE is resistant to lightening impacts and to the electromagnetic disturbances of the wind turbine. Measurements are reliable, thus enabling accurate monitoring of the wind turbine. With no fan and no conventional spinning hard-drive, KITE’s design makes it reliable for long-term operations.


Comprehensive monitoring of the core components

ONEPROD KITE offers 12 data acquisition channels. All information needed for relevant monitoring of the drivetrain and nacelle can be connected to KITE: accelerometer, tachometer, and 4-20 mA or DC inputs for process information. In addition, parameters available in the PLC, such as wind speed, power, pitch, yaw, temperature, can be collected without any extra channel in numerical format.

Comprehensive monitoring of wind turbines
Reliable monitoring of wind turbines

Reliable moitoring of low-speed parts

ONEPROD KITE offers early fault detection capabilities on the low-speed rotating parts of the wind turbine, thanks to a unique set of tools designed for analysis in the time domain:

  • automatic shock detection with the Shock Finder™ algorithm (presence and number of shocks)
  • band-Kurtosis providing smooth alarming
  • various post-processing tools, such as filters and statistical indicators
  • acquisition is performed synchronously on all channels, providing easier analysis and better diagnosis capabilities.

Assistance to decision-making

The latest diagnostics and maintenance recommendations are available in real time and from anywhere worldwide in the ONEPROD NEST software.

It makes it easy to optimize the maintenance process:

  • better spare parts management
  • pooling of replacement operations
  • removing systematic maintenance controls and their related costs
Diagnostic systems for wind turbine